(Pictured above: New proposed Addition Design for the Fairmont Château Laurier hotel, August 2020)

On August 13, 2020, Larco Investments Ltd. announced that it had reached a contractual agreement with Heritage Ottawa with respect to its appeal to the Local Planning Appeals Tribunal. This Agreement now allows Larco, with the support of Heritage Ottawa, to move forward this fall with a revised submission for site plan control and a development permit under the Ontario Heritage Act. These applications will first need to be reviewed by City Staff, and then will proceed to Built Heritage Subcommittee and Planning Committee and, finally, to City Council for approval.

Statement August 28, 2020

“Approximately one year ago, Larco started a process to see if it was at all possible to address the concerns and comments expressed regarding the architectural design for the much needed addition to the Fairmont Chateau Laurier, while still complying with the legal and technical requirements and guidelines which must and do govern any proposed addition to an important heritage property of this sort.

While finding common ground and reaching an agreement with Heritage Ottawa is a critical part of the process, it is not the end of the process. Unless and until the governmental permits and agreements required to construct the proposed architectural design contemplated by the agreement reached between Heritage Ottawa and Larco have all been issued and are all fully in place, this process has not fully run its course.

Until then, while Larco very much appreciates and is thankful for the interest and level of care expressed by so many in this project, Larco, and its project consulting team will be focusing on, and prioritizing, obtaining and securing these required governmental permits and agreements.”

Dennis Parolin, Spokesperson on behalf of Larco Investments Ltd.