February 28th design has been further refined and submitted to the City of Ottawa


  • The original application was made in December 2016 which proposed two pavilions of 11 and 12 storeys containing 218 rooms, separated by a raised outdoor terrace and included an interior courtyard and a 5-storey underground parking garage with 385 spaces.
  • General concerns were primarily about height and massing; roof expressions; fenestration and materials; subordinate relationship to the existing hotel and Major’s Hill Park, and impact on views of the hotel.
  • A Heritage Working Group of architects and landscape architects established by City, provided direction.
  • A revised application submitted in February 2018 proposes a contemporary single 8-storey building sitting separate and distinct along the edge of the Confederation Park, containing 171 rooms, an interior courtyard and a 5-storey underground parking garage of 370 spaces.
  • A formal submission to the City’s Urban Design Review Panel (UDRP) was done on March 1, and was then followed by a subcommittee of UDRP on April 10.
  • Support for this approach was provided by City Staff with some additional direction on massing, height and materials.
  • In summary, the Larco Investments Ltd. architectural team took into account the public’s feedback along with the Heritage Working Group, the City’s Urban Design Review Panel and City Staff recommendations to create the revised design of the proposed Château Laurier addition project.

Overview of Revised Design

  • Overall height reduced to 7 storeys with new 4 storeys connecting to west wing of hotel.
  • Dramatic changes were made to the new design’s façade. Incorporated are more Indiana Limestone and bronze.
  • The North West corner will now allow for improved pedestrian connections to the lower terrace and Mackenzie Avenue.
  • The North West corner offers a magnificent visual appearance from the concrete wall to a glass façade via a grand stairway which has an accessible lift.
  • The revised design suggests opening Major’s Hill Park for better access for pedestrians and cyclists with lit pathways.

Revised Addition Design Features

  • Reduction to 164 rooms from original design of 218 rooms. A difference of 54 guest rooms.
  • There is an additional meeting room at the lower terrace level.
  • Parking spaces have been reduced from 385 to 349 spaces. A difference of 36 spaces.
  • A much greater use of Indiana Limestone and bronze has been added to the addition along with the use of fritted glass on east and west building sides.
  • Redesign has taken into consideration protection for the birds.

For more information, please visit the City of Ottawa website or contact svaliquet@momentumplancom.ca.